Kif Kif

Kif Kif’s mission
Kif Kif is an intercultural movement that strives for equality and fights against racism. Kif Kif wants to help building up a solidary, democratic, intercultural society. We want to give people the tools to bring in different voices in the social debate about the intercultural society, and we do this through sensibilizing, interactive and educative initiatives. This enables us to offer active support to individuals and groups who are discriminated or deprived of their civil rights, and to empower them to stand up for their rights.

Kif Kif’s aims:

1. [Create Voice]
To hand people the instruments they need to voice their opinion in the social debate.
2. [Give Voice]
To offer space on her web site, in cahiers, books and in debates to voice other opinions in the social debate.
3. [Take Voice]
To intervene in the social debate every now and then.
4. [Pass on Voice]
To offer other organizations her expertise in interculturality, creating a multiplicator effect.
Kif Kif is…

We feel very strongly about democracy. Unfortunately, we state that, in the last decennia, the emphasis in ‘democracy’ has been put on modalities, on the format of the political act. Furthermore, we see that different voices in the social debate attribute democracy as a characteristic of ‘’the westerner’’ a priori. A characteristic that “the others” would lack. Democracy then ceases to be the inclusive system that it should be.
Kif Kif stands for an inclusive perspective on democracy as a larger picture, not merely as a chain of anecdotes and practices (as in the presence in a parliament, etc.) or as an a- priori characteristic of individuals or groups. Kif Kif feels that dialogue, debate and depth are of utmost importance to democracy. A democracy without an in-depth intellectual debate is a democracy in a terminal stage. Nodders are of no use to anyone, diverse and critical voices are beneficial to democracy and debate. This requires a strong mid-field, that consistently comes up for democracy and tries to integrate all people in that democracy. Decisions should no longer be made without the consent of different groups. Society has to be accessible for all her members, in all her facets and on all her levels. We must work on a deep democratization of a few structures and institutions. Furthermore, we plead for a new inclusive concept of citizenship. One that is not defined by origin, but that includes everyone living on a certain area.
This also implies that Kif Kif strives for an expansion and completion of democracy. We would rather not leave it only to the mere political domain. We plead for a democracy so broad, for a full democratic state is a state in which each aspect of society, including the economy for instance, is a part of democratic control.

Kif Kif profiles herself as outspokenly anti racist and wishes to unmask and discuss racism in all its facets. Kif Kif regards racism not as a chain of individual attitudes nor as a mere case of political or social excesses – like Vlaams Blok/Belang, jihaddism or Nazism – but as an ideology of social inequality based on a presumed divergent group identity.
Such ideological constructions are often only seen as “innocent” cases that circulate in the world of concepts, but unfortunately this is not the case. Racism is an epistemology, it tells us how things work in the world and co-determines how we treat this world. Ideologies translate themselves in peoples behaviors. They circulate within the educational field, the media, on the work floor and in society as a whole, hence their material consequences are crystal clear.
Therefore Kif Kif extensively pays attention to the origin, the operation, the function and the consequences of racist mechanisms, regardless of who propagates them. If the situation requires so, we will denounce certain malpractices.

Regarding the upcoming international inequalities, Kif Kif wants to give thought to righteous and democratic alternatives for the actual economic world system. Since it concerns worldwide unrighteousness, we attach importance to borderless solidarity. Therefore we spend much attention to subjects as migration, globalization, poverty and war. Kif Kif feels that the socio-economic position is crucial to the place an individual takes or gets in society. We are convinced that emancipation of ALL inhabitants of Flanders/Belgium’s and the world will remain an idle dream as long as no structural measures are taken on the fields of education, work and housing. More often than not, the socio-cultural background then functions as a mechanism of exclusion as well.